Photo shoot newborns

Baby photo shoot of a newborn

They grow so fast …

Welcoming your new baby is one of the most emotional and amazing things in life; I want to capture these feelings and emotions and preserve them forever. I believe that this is the super power of photography – to take us back to those amazing moments, to bring back the emotions we experience at some point in our lives. The pictures we're going to take together will soon be some of your most precious possessions. All my attention and diligence is directed to work in a safe, warm and comfortable environment for you and your baby. It's important to me that the whole experience is a pleasure. I believe that it is wonderful that every stage of children's lives should be celebrated and photographed professionally, and at the same time photographing newborn babies is something extraordinary. I strive to create beautiful, neutral and timelessly topical photographs by focusing on your baby and the beautiful relationship you have with each other. The ideal time for capturing newborns is between 7 and 14 days old; therefore, please save an indicative place in the schedule as soon as you find out the date of the term, we will hear from you after birth and keep an exact time. Photography of newborns is a very specialized genre in photography and I advise you to take a detailed look at the portfolio of the photographer and see if these are the photos you are shooting for your newborn baby. Trust me and together we will take beautiful and gentle pictures of your baby and family!