Фотосесия за бременни - какво да облечем?

What clothes to choose for the photo shoot

In my studio and for the sessions in nature I offer a wardrobe with dresses, veils and wreaths from which you can choose.

Often customers also wear their own clothes.

When it comes to a photo session during pregnancy, we always imagine a collection of kind, beautiful photos, unique, casual and such perfect shots that will always be reminiscent with a sense of this magical period of life!

Every future parent wants to preserve the memory of this exciting event in the best possible way! Immediately a bunch of questions arise: " What should we wear?" , "How to dress?" and "How does the camera capture us in the best light" – these are the questions that will largely determine the outcome of your session. A careful and thoughtful solution to these issues will determine the style, mood and vision of your session. The task of the photographer is to feel the couple, to offer visions to support the taste and characters in the session.

There are also general rules that would be useful in most sessions:

I offer 3 easy rules that will make the photo session truly amazing!

The "Basics of Contrast" section provides an answer how the couple can successfully combine the color of their clothing for the pregnancy photo shoot.As well as which is the most suitable combination of wearing dark clothes of partners!

Next up is the "Bright & Neutral" section, which focuses on how mom can stand out in front of the lens, while dad gives you a finished look in a neutral-colored dress.

Finally, but not least the section "Floral & Simple". The key rule here is to use one patterned garment and all other clothes are monochrome, simple.

Many beautiful dresses can be ordered online for the session from sites like this.