Home photo shoot

Home photo shoot or session at the baby's home

Home photo shoot is an appropriate option for all who would prefer the peace and comfort of their home during the photo shoot of their newborn baby or other kind of session. As parents, we have to take care of the health, comfort and comfort of our children, as well as our amenities. Many parents choose to spend the first 40 days with the newborn baby in their home and plan outings after this period. The possibility of a home session or photo shoot at home is a concern precisely for those parents who have chosen to wait with the removal of the newborn baby or would prefer the peace of mind of their home. When visiting the customers' home for a home photo shoot of a baby, I bring everything i need from my studio. I have a background, background stand, lighting, tripods, etc. Photos taken in your home in no different way from those taken in a studio. It takes space about 5-6 sq.m. m. and if possible air conditioning in the room.