baby photo shoot and photo shoot for pregnant women

Фотосесия на бебе
близнаци фотосесия
бебешка фото сесия за новородено
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бебешка фотосесия новородено
Бебешка фотосесия
бебешка фотосесия, фотосесия бебе, фотосесия новородено
бебешка фотосесия новородено
бебешка фотосесия новородено
детска фотосесия
бебешка фотосесия
Фотосесия бременни
Фотосесия бременни
Фотосесия бременни
фотосесия за бременни
семейна фотосесия в студио
Фото сесия Мама, фотосесия мама и бебе, фотосесия майка и дете
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There are moments that remain forever in our hearts… . It is wonderful to preserve them with love and give to future generations!

Photo shoot for pregnant women

Family photo shoot

Photo session “MAMA”

Inspired by maternal care and dedication, I decided to dedicate a separate theme for photo shoots “MAMA”.
The sessions will focus on the mother and her baby or child. Celebrating and honoring motherhood


I am Kali and photo shoots of newborns and baby photo shoots are my passion.

I love creating wonderful photos and memories for you and your loved ones.

I would describe my style as natural and clean. Therefore, I choose to include soft, neutral colors and textures in my work. I have fabrics, backgrounds, headbands, hats and various other accessories from which together to choose the most suitable for your photo shoot. I believe that it is good that the photo shoot is fully focused on the baby, and therefore I use a minimum of accessories in my work. In my opinion, this emphasizes the most beautiful and unique baby features of the newborn baby.

Photo shoots for newborns can be held in my photo studio. It is located in an easy location in Druzhba 1 and has convenient parking.

Many parents prefer and take advantage of the opportunity for a home photo shoot in the baby’s home.

Photo shoot for pregnant women

I love taking photo shoots for pregnant women and I believe this is an extremely beautiful and gentle period in a woman’s life. Customers often contact me during the first or second trimester to record an appointment for the photo shoot for pregnant and newborns. I try to do photo shoots that show a connection in the family and the beauty of pregnancy. Sessions can be done in my studio or in your home.

Numerous beautiful accessories can be found on the site

The wonderful moments of pregnancy and the first days of babies pass incredibly quickly. It’s so wonderful to keep them with beautiful photo shoots.

Save the memories of pregnancy with wonderful photos! Give yourself a beautiful baby photo shoot, so you will keep these precious moments with you and give them to future generations!

AFNS-photography awards

Photos of babies – how to make them

Pictures of babies are a sweet and wonderful memory. It's extremely touching after years to open the beautiful albums with pictures of the baby. The most suitable period for creating photos of the baby is up to 14 day after birth. I photograph babies in the style of...

Homemade photo shoot of a baby

Homemade photo shoot of a baby

Homemade photo shoot of a baby Home photo shoot for a newborn baby is the perfect solution for those who prefer to keep 40 days at home with the baby without taking it out. It is also very suitable, since parents and the baby feel most...

Baby photo shoot – useful tips

Baby photo shoot - Useful tips   Baby photo shoot tip number one. Location To make sure that it is convenient for everyone, we usually hold baby photo shoots in your home. The baby already knows the place, plus you have at your disposal everything you need...

Baby photo shoot

Baby photo shoot

I like to take pictures of newborns! Photography of newborn babies is extremely challenging, but it is so exciting every time I touch a baby when it is only a few days old. Of course, it takes a little preparation and planning for the photo shoot to be...